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noun, sprees

1. A period of extravagant activity.

2. An enjoyable social outing.

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It's not just what you know, it's who you know, and Strong Language is privileged to rub some awesome elbows. Our professional associates represent a brilliant cross-section of high-profile industries; if you have a communications need — or any business challenge, from financing to teleconferencing — we'll hook you up.

Our writers shape the websites and blogs of international financiers, local auto dealers, regional court reporters and national sales coaches. Our press releases have prompted Wall Street Journal, Newsday and ESPN coverage. Our news and feature reports grace numerous print and web publications. And our associates provide stellar ancillary services, everything from website design to strategic planning.  

We could go on ... but why should we do all the talking?

     •  "Greg does a phenomenal job with the Emerge Sales blog. He's a terrific writer, but what impresses me most is his ability to really get into my head — to listen to my idea, to understand what I want to say and then to say it in my own voice. I recommend Strong Language to anyone who wants to create professional and effective content, especially online content like blogs, in any business." Michael Sperduti, President, Emerge Sales Inc.

     •   "We were introduced to Strong Language through our marketing agency, New Media Marketing & Communications, and have been impressed right down the line. Our website, blog and print advertising campaigns have all benefitted from better syntax, grammar and wit ... a subtle but critical advantage in the crowded court-reporting field!" Suzanne Hand, President, Suzanne Hand & Associates

     •   "Greg's knowledge of the English language and his innate ability to make words 'strong' in the right places are uncanny. The content he wrote for my website mixed humor with professionalism and explained to my future customers exactly what a public adjustor does. I would not hesitate to recommend Strong Language to any of my clients, friends or associates." Jerry Kotler, President, Jerry E. Kotler Associates