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The truth has crippled Benjamin Nawahine.

Researching anomalous weather events around the world, the scientist has uncovered evidence that an intelligence beyond human abilities is manipulating global meteorological patterns, often with deadly results. It's a discovery that would rock mankind's very foundations ... if only anyone believed him.

Nawahine knows he's right. But a devastating smear campaign orchestrated at the highest levels (and in the darkest corners) of Washington D.C. has taken everything from him: His family. His career. His good name.

Now, broken and desperate, Nawahine is approached by an unusual crew — among them, a haunted boy, a presumed-kidnapped reporter and the most-wanted domestic terrorist in U.S. history — with a surprising message: Not only is he correct, but the situation is more dire than he ever imagined. An unfathomable threat from deep space stands poised to wipe the human race from the Earth. Time has run out. And most unexpectedly, Benjamin Nawahine himself may hold the key to humanity's very survival...

Rocketing through time and space, exploring the ultimate frontiers of science and adventure, "Quantum Acres: Flashback" is the pivotal second chapter of the incredible "Quantum Acres" saga. Loyalties will be tested. Secrets will be revealed. Destinies will be discovered. And in a universe where anything is possible, nothing will ever be the same!

     •   "Exceptionally well written ... you can actually see and feel the action." Mary Scally, Amazon reviewer

     •   "A lot of books with a large ensemble of characters tend to gloss over their individual development for the sake of the plot . This author manages to balance both and really keeps the emotional suspense going." Christopher Bautista, Amazon reviewer

     •   "In the way 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' saluted the Saturday-matinee adventure serial, this is a true bouquet to UFO lore. This is quality storytelling: tense when it needs to be, laugh-out-loud funny in spots and always well told. Pop some corn, turn on some John Williams music and settle in!" G. James Thomas, Amazon reviewer

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QUANTUM ACRES by Gregory Zeller

The experiment is out. The lies are mounting. Trusted men are turning. The girl is persisting. The monster is waiting. The enemy is coming. And the boy... 

The boy knows...

So begins the stirring saga of "Quantum Acres," the story of an above-top-secret government experiment gone horribly wrong and the unlikely group of antiheroes destined to confront a threat unlike any the world has known. From chilling encounters with terrifying spirits to edge-of-your-seat encounters with menacing UFOs, "Quantum Acres" changes everything you thought you knew about ghosts, aliens, time travel ... even the universe itself.

     •   "Shades of Dean Koontz, with a hint of Heinlein." D.R. Leaman, New York artist and book critic

     •   "The characters are truly engaging as people, with strengths and flaws; love them or hate them, you cannot help but feel something for each one. My only regret was that the book had to end!" Mary Scally, Amazon reviewer

     •   "Interesting read, strong characters, well written." D.G. Parker, Amazon reviewer

     •   "A brightly written, exciting and cinematic thriller. Think 'The X Files' or 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' or 'The Others' ... but once into 'Quantum Acres' you'll be thinking only about the work at hand. Be prepared for surprises, and the pleasure of getting lost in a terrific story." John Clare, Amazon reviewer

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BLIND PILOT by Ambrose Clancy

A tale of Irish Troubles fueled by treachery, moral ambiguity and relentless tension, "Blind Pilot" reset the standard for IRA fiction when it debuted in 1981 — and remains as vibrant and relevant three decades later. 

An apparent truce between warring anti-British bands sparks a firestorm of intrigue and suspense, where nobody is safe — soldiers, spouses or anyone unfortunate enough to wander into the crossfire — and very little is what it seems. 

Brimming with danger, deception and dreadful dilemmas, "Blind Pilot" is a high-octane thriller with a conscience — and a timeless political punch that still hits home.      

     •   "Shrewd and serious Irish Troubles fiction. Full-textured and deep-driving, [Blind Pilot] wisely emphasizes the role of those on, or just off, the sidelines: reluctant accomplices, innocent bystanders, regretfully ruthless hunters. Enough vibrant dialogue, vivid atmosphere ... and moral dilemmas to rise well above the run-of-the-IRA mill." Kirkus Reviews

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THE NIGHT LINE by Ambrose Clancy (photography by Peter M. Donahoe)

An unblinking portrait of the red-eyed cabbie, "The Night Line" follows writer Clancy and photographer Donahoe on a real-life journey through the bright lights and dark demons of nocturnal New York.

Strong words and unflinching art forge a fearless brand of storytelling that uniquely captures the Big Apple's sleepless night — a risky and remarkable place filled with junkies and prostitutes, unexpected revelations and intimate humanity, all played out in the back seat.    

           •   "Driving the 'night line' in a New York City cab is not for the faint of heart. It's a dark and dangerous world, and a tough place to make a buck. Clancy does not offer a pretty picture, and neither do Donahoe's harsh black-and-white photos ... This is indeed the belly of the beast, as seen by two who braved the nighttime streets." Publisher's Weekly/Reed Business Information

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THE SPACES by J. Mudcat Miller

For passengers, a cruise ship is a floating pleasure dome, but it's something very different for a young man escaping the downslide of a would-be Nashville songwriter's life. 

Virtually shanghaied as a busboy, he survives to tell the tale — and to one day inherit something precious, something threatened when his past and present collide. 


     •   "Really readable and fun with a lot of wisdom in it. One of the most enjoyable books I've ever read." Steve Mykines, Lulu reviewer

     •   "I just loved this book. The language is so fresh, lively and funny, and some of the scenes are laugh-out-loud funny." H. Likely, Lulu reviewer

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THE BEEKEEPER by J. Mudcat Miller

No doubt about it. It had to be true. Someone was stealing the letter B's, too! And just for a moment, things got very quiet, quiet and calm. Then — BLAMMO! A RIOT! The bowls on the table began to get cute by growing some feathers and starting to hoot! Can you imagine the family’s surprise when the bowls became owls in front of their eyes?

            •   "Such a fun, imaginative story. I work at a school and I can't wait to read this to my kids!" S.R., Lulu reviewer

           •   "Hits the sweet-spot of delight for both parents and children." J.P. Heff, Lulu reviewer

           •   "Miller manages to balance fun, funniness and entertainment without sacrificing the clever wit that does credit to child intelligence." Benjamin Drake, Lulu reviewer

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During a mid-career sabbatical, a journalist begins receiving thoughts filled with knowledge and wisdom.

Since both knowledge and wisdom are well beyond his scope at this muddled point in his life, he comes to believe the thoughts are emanating from his dog, who then leads him through a series of capers, investigating neighborhood mysteries.

The novel is an expansion of an award-winning short story published in L Magazine.

         •   "The title provokes a chuckle, but the novel evokes a certain old-fashioned story-telling that is hard to find on our bookshelves these days. It's a wonderful read." Roger Yoerges, Lulu reviewer

         •   "Enchanting ... delights with its vivid and truly memorable neighborhood characters, especially the telepathic canine. The writing is pure and unaffected ... this tale sticks with you." Peter Boody, Lulu reviewer

           •   "Brilliant and enlightening!" S.R., Lulu reviewer

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The heartwarming real-life story of how living with 21 felines over the course of five decades changed one animal lover's life. 

Susan M. Seidman's previous book about shelter animals, "The Pet Surplus: What Every Dog and Cat Owner Can Do to Help Reduce It" (2001), won priase from humane professionals. Now, she focuses on pets she has welcomed and cherished in her own home. 

This vivid memoir unites fond reminiscence with practical guidance for others who live with cats. The author shares the rewards and education — an abundance of joys, sorrows, comforts, chores, smiles, trials and constant susprises — afforded by her four generations of cats. Together, they taught intriguing lessons about the nature, needs, behavior, quirks and care of their inimitable species — and forged invaluable bonds of affection and mutual dependence.       

     •   "I read the book in two sessions during a 24-hour period, not being able to put it down. This poignant personal history is a must for any feline devotee." Gregory Jecmen, Amazon reviewer

     •   "Susan Seidman does a moving job ... both the cats and the author are convincingly portrayed in this easy-to-read personal story." DC Reader, Amazon reviewer

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